If you’re thinking about webinars for a few participants, virtual conferences for hundreds, or maybe even hybrid events, we’ll work with you to find the right solution, no matter where you, we or the event are. With no compromises and with our eyes on the main goal – the perfect package for everyone. Visual branding, technical expertise, close liaison with everyone involved. And everything gathered together in a separate supporters’ area.

Das Fundament - Kompetenzen


Choosing the right path means knowing where you’re going. We always keep our eyes on the goal. Your vision becomes our mission. We’ll roll our sleeves up and put our heads together. Orchestrate, coordinate, communicate. Organise contracts. Trim budgets. Scout locations. Monitor deadlines. We’ll have a plan B. And C (… even D). Over the years, we’ve never forgotten our founding credo – every detail counts.

The Command Centre

Let’s do it. Let’s stage your event. Meeting? Conference? Congress? 50 or 5000 participants? It doesn’t matter – we always bring the same passion to the table. We’re a PCO, and that means we offer the full range of advice, evaluate risks, master challenges, communicate with service providers and partners. We negotiate, we balance accounts. We take care of the organisation and documentation. And we’re there on the day, in person or in the digital command centre.

Die Kommandozentrale - Kompetenzen

The Key Players

For all the people who make our events come alive, we’re counsellors, tour guides, chief happiness officers and problem solvers. Working together as equals is our way, and we’re always open and welcoming. We find ways of making participants and presenters feel happy. Everything carries an individual touch and a feel-good factor. In short, we take care of everything, from start to finish.

The Support Team

We could go ahead and tell you how good we are at planning exhibitions. Or how much expertise we have in arranging sponsoring that conforms to various codes. But we know what’s really important for your event: good contacts. We know how our team of collaborators think, what you want and how things need to be done. Starting with the first phone call and continuing all the way through to packing up after the event.

The Pleasure

A partner who engages is a good partner. And we are that partner. We listen and ask questions, find answers, tell stories, create memories. Always with a feel for what’s right for your brand and a focus on what’s important. We have a network of specialists and partners who do things the way we like – with passion, intelligence and creativity. We work together to ensure our events are enjoyable occasions for everyone.

The Shapers

Everybody who works here is not just smart, they’re creative too. And they’re especially good at bringing their ideas to life. They’re always right in the thick of things – from the first spark through the conception process and on to the finished product. That means they make sure the first impression is the right one. They develop and realise. Design websites. Put together programmes and marketing materials. Create abstract books and banners. None of our ideas come off the shelf – our products are as individual as our clients.